Weekend: Levity and Lightfulness for the Everyday

Moshe Cohen
  • Sat. May. 20, 15 - 21.00 h
  • Sun. May. 21, 10 - 17 h
  • Suggested donation: Sat. € 50 per day, € 100 for both days.

If your peri-pandemic world seems full of stress, worries, and existential angst, switch gears, and investigate your world of delight. If you are wishing for authentic levity, and meaningful pathways beyond the mundane, come explore a series of practices that can bring lightness and humor into everyday activity. Open up your sense of fun, and funny, your lightheartedness, perhaps even your ridiculousness and absurd. Then channel your subtler sense of humor to open up a lighter place in body and mind.

The workshop demands your active participation. Open mindful movement, voice and spirit to develop humorous non-verbal vocabulary. Strengthen the inner neural pathways that channel lightness and levity. The workshop’s explorations draw from physical theater practices, clownzen improvisations, and elements from butoh dance. We will care for body and voice using Qigong, Feldenkreis movement, Shintaido and practice kinhin (walking meditation).

Moshe Cohen (Mr YooWho) creates, performs and teaches in the world of ‘the funny.’ For 40+ years now, he has pursued excellence in the elusive art form called Clown, seeking to bring more lightness and laughter into the world through his actions. Moshe has been teaching in the world of Zen since 1999 when Roshi Bernie Glassman started studying with him to learn ‘tools of tricksterdom’ because he felt his students and successors were taking themselves too seriously.

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Moshe Cohen

za 20 mei - zo 21 mei 2023

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