Introductory morning zen meditation

The emphasis during this morning is on learning how to meditate. What is the right physical and mental posture? How to deal with the thoughts, feelings and sensations that you experience during sitting? We start with short periods of ten to fifteen minutes of zazen and increase these step by step to twenty five or thirty minutes. At the end of the gatherings you will be able to move on to a regular group.

Besides basic sitting instructions we will talk about the specific form of meditation – zazen – which we practice in Zen Centrum Amsterdam. What is zazen and how does it relate to other forms of meditation? Of course, we will talk about the Buddha. Who was he, and what did he teach?

There will be enough time and space to ask questions and to examine questions that arise spontaneously.

In English.

Sep. 30, 2023, Jan 20, and April 20, 2024
9.30-12.30 h. a.m.
Donation suggestion: 25 euros.

Sat 30 Sep 2023
Sat 20 Jan 2024
Sat 20 Apr 2024

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